Our Teams

Aces High Airsoft

Aces High Airsoft

Aces High Airsoft is a mil-sim airsoft team based out of Massillon, OH that was established in 2016. Currently we have four active members and one junior member. We are in the process of recruiting more active, honest airsofters to join us and play in events in Ohio and surrounding states. Our mission is simple, and that is to complete our mission as efficiently and effectively as possible. In doing so, our team promotes playing like a true Ace which includes our core values: “Focus, Control, Conviction, & Resolve”.

You can also follow us on social media:
Instagram: @AcesHighAirsoft
Facebook: @AcesHighAirsoft
The Aces:
Blake Seidler – Callsign “Blackjack”
Nick Neitz – Callsign “Spade”
Tyler Neitz – Callsign “Dice”
Dillon Hostetler – Callsign “Tex”
Junior Aces:
Maddex Hoover – Callsign “Poker”

Shadow Ops

Shadow Ops

We specialize in unconventional warfare, Such as guerrilla Warfare, Stealth operations, scouting missions, etc. 

Connory Hehman - Aka "Animal Mother"

Steven Thomas - Aka "Sly"

Alex Rogan - Aka "Heavy"

Stephen Tervo - Aka "peaches"

Thomas Hollencamp - Aka "Big sexy"

Patsy Butchelli - Aka "Goochman"

Expendable 40

Expendable 40

Expendable 40 Airsoft Team, is a group of individuals who really work together. We are not a military based team. We are a bit older than the usual airsoft age so we view the sport from a different angle than most. Our main goal is to help in the expansion and integrity of our sport. We hold our players to the highest standards of play and sportsmanship. Most of our players are paintballers from the old days that have embraced the realism that airsoft brings.  Our team travels extensively and may be playing an Op in your area. If you see us make sure you say hello, we are always so excited to meet new friends. 

Feel free to follow us at:
Facebook      www.facebook.com/expendable40airsoftteam/  
Instagram      @expendable40airsoftteam 
Email              expendable40airsoft@yahoo.com



S.W.O.R.D. was started by Jacob Williams (Willy,CO) & Ben Spieldenner (Atticus, XO) in 2014.  We specialize in CQB and woodland terrain play.

Our mission is to play with integrity and give every game our all. We strive to be a positive influence on the field and we try very hard to motivate other players to be their best.


Jacob Williams, CO
Ben Speildenner, XO
Andrew Willis, 1st LT
Brendon Summerton, 1SG
Nathan Nunley, SSG
Shaun Neitzelt, SGT
Zack May, CPL
Kenny Rowe, PVT
Zach Reitzke, PVT
Jay Webb Sr, PVT
Jay Webb Jr, PVT
Chad Jordan, PVT
Brandon Sullivan, PVT
Evan Vliek, RCT


The Black Watch

The Black Watch

The Black Watch is the original team of War Den Airsoft.  The Black Watch prides itself on being  ambassadors of War Den Airsoft and more importantly our faith in Jesus Christ.  Wherever we travel  we proudly champion the sport of airsoft exemplifying honor and integrity thru our actions and our words.


Todd Dennison - aka "Warfox"

Joe Himes - aka "Peer Pressure"

Sally Ladrach - aka "Mrs. Squirrel"

Adam Ladrach - aka "Squirrel"

Adam White - aka "Keiko"

Aaron Arnold - aka "W"

Mike Brownfield - aka "Gunny"

Jonah Kearns

Nathaniel Avins

Eddie Dennison - aka "Bloodhound"


The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack

Fast team style of play





Jace Doughty---groundhog

Javen Carter---sheepdog

Jared---war unicorn

Nick Marino---tree

Jack Margaletta---coo

The 71st Shock Division

The 71st Shock Division

"We do what we always have done: Get out there and play, and make sure we had a fun time doing it. We are team for the people."



Task Force November Airsoft

Task Force November Airsoft

Task Force November Airsoft is a casual, milsim oriented airsoft team centered in the Akron-Canton area. We try to frequent fields throughout Ohio and its surrounding states, and play field and CQB alike. Founded in 2011, we place a strong emphasis on brotherhood, honorable play, and most importantly fun. We offer membership to any player in the North East Ohio area who demonstrates a strong character and commitment to the team.

Team CO: Brendan "SixEyes" Romigh
Team XO: Robert "Android" Rose

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