It's my first time at The Airsoft Den. What do I do?


1.) Choose your event.  You can save money and speed registration up by pre-registering here

2.) Read and understand all of the rules and regulations. Make sure that you have the required safety gear (eye protection, kill rags, etc.)  All of these items can be purchased at War Den Airsoft.

2.) Fill out a waiver in advance.  Digital waivers are available online.  One waiver is good for the entire season.

3.) Show up to register at War Den Airsoft at least 1 hour prior to the start of the event.  Be sure to keep your airsoft gun in a gun case/bag until you are in the staging area.

4.) Complete your registration at the admin station.  This is where you will pay admission (or show receipt of payment) and turn in your completed waiver.

5. Chronograph your guns.  This is where we check to see what FPS (feet per second) your airsoft gun is shooting.

6. Attend the safety briefing.  Ask any questions that you may have regarding the rules at this time.  All players must attend the safety briefing.

7. You will then be assigned to a team.  Take a few moments to meet your fellow airsofters.

8. Games will run throughout the day.  We will take short breaks between each game so that you can top off your ammo and re-hydrate.  We will also take a 45 minute lunch break mid-day so you can refuel.  Concession stand style foods and snacks are available on site.  

9. Have fun slingin' bb's!